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At the end of 2016, Centro Studi Finanza & Persona OAdvisory, a non-profit cultural and study association, was established.

The Association’s aim is the development and spreading of the culture and principle that wealth creation can be an engine for growth if it is based on sound ethical foundations.

For this purpose, the association will be able to:

-be a place of reference for meetings, promotion and get-togethers for the study and development of processes for financialization of the economy, giving particular importance to transparency and solidarity in order to increase the rate of financial inclusion and the understanding of the evolution of socio-economic needs and the resulting difficulties in accessing credit;

– expand knowledge of the culture of microcredit and other financial instruments in an ethical form, through contacts, relationships and collaboration between people, associations, institutions, and public and private bodies at all levels;

– communicate on the spot and through multimedia applications everything concerning a form of finance that is compatible with the evolution of the world towards an integrated system in which, in order to promote self-entrepreneurship, not mere speculation, but rather the human being is at the center. To plan, participate in, organize and disseminate events of all kinds, including consultations and initiatives of various types of cultural promotion;

– raise the quality of knowledge of the business culture, also as a way of fulfilling one’s potential;

– encourage and deepen the “rethinking” of the economy and finance in a positive sense by putting knowledge of these issues at the service of human and personal development.

The Association has been accredited by the Ente Nazionale del Microcredito (the National Board of Microcredit) as a provider of auxiliary assistance and monitoring services as per Article 111 of the TUB (the Consolidated Banking Act).

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