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Business  legal and tax issues today are intertwined as never before. So it makes sense to work with a network having multi-disciplinary capabilities.

We have locally dottori commercialisti, statutory advisors and qualified lawyers. We provide clients with a unique style of integrated legal advice on complex commercial projects.

We act as business advisors offering innovative solutions and work with a network in Tax, Human Resource Services, Corporate Finance and Private Wealth. We offer holistic, commercially-aware solutions to some of the most challenging business issues.

One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency. - ``Arnold H. Glasow``


The letter O as a circle is symbol of perfection. No beginning, no end. It is not naturally achieved, it is reached through persistence and endurance. It is also about making things we work in caring about one another because everything is connected. 

Pope Benedict lX wanted to commission some paintings for St. Peter’s and so he sent a courtier around to find the best painter in Italy. Giotto used the perfect circle to demonstrate the level of artistry he earned.


Manuela Stefoni

Tax advisor - Legal auditor Dottore commercialista
giovanni amendola1

Giovanni Amendola

Tax advisor - Legal auditor Dottore commercialista

Claudio Pierri Cecaro

Financial advisor - Engineer