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OAdvisory is able to offer a complete range of services across its different areas of specialization, paying scrupulous attention to technical aspects, with a commitment to quality and a constant focus on meeting clients’ demands. We give strong relevance  to ethic in business as we believe that profit should not  be considered as an end in itself but as a means for achieving human and social ends.

In both the corporate domain as well as in managing one’s personal affairs, tax and financial  planning and compliance has come to play an increasingly important role in decision making.  Our clients have at their disposal a professional team that, possessing technical competence, guided by moral rigor and with an in-depth knowledge of the issues that clients face, is able to take an innovative and systematic approach to resolving the various issues that our clients face.

We assist International Organization in achieving their goals in compliance with domestic and international laws relating both their scope and their personnel.

With Italian offices in Rome, and as part of a worldwide network, OAdvisory is able to provide its clients with comprehensive advice and assistance on both Italian matters and those which transcend national borders.

Tax Advisory


The International Tax Team provides international law tax structuring and planning advice to companies that operate in international markets and have to deal with multiple jurisdictions.  We assist our clients in ensuring that their strategies are the most appropriate.


Our specialists in transfer pricing have both economics and tax expertise and are able to provide tax advice on all aspects of transfer pricing.  The team can provide assurance that  group transfer pricing policies are appropriate for their operations, advice on the preparation of transfer pricing guidelines to comply with tax laws in different jurisdictions and, in the event of transfer pricing enquiries by the fiscal authorities, advice on the strategy and technical approach.  The team works closely with their transfer pricing colleagues ensuring that a coordinated approach is taken across all relevant jurisdictions.


The Tax Team advises on all indirect tax matters, providing planning advice, due diligence and registration services, as well as assistance in obtaining refunds both in Italy and abroad.  The team offers planning and advises on other indirect taxes, including stamp duty.



Start-up: Business Plans, legal, tax and funding

Our Firm strongly believes in the driving force of “good ideas”. For this reason, it has a dedicated ad hoc department for supporting businesses in the start-up phase  adding to the traditional legal advice provided in terms of corporate and contracts law also  the support concerning the Business Plan and Tax assistance for an appropriate  planning according to tax benefit rules that, from time to time, are available.

We are experts and serve our clients also in Microfinance projects. More recently, and aware of the difficulties in access to finance, especially for new and young business organizations, we have enhanced our advice service by examining alternative financing instruments currently available on the market, which, in practical terms, may be used to overcome access difficulties and replace investments from venture capital funds.


All transactions – whether mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, or equity investments – involve complex issues that require the dedicated attention of experienced professionals, and even more so when these transactions involve companies with global operations.  OAdvisory  can assist in dealing with the multitude of tax, accounting, regulatory and cultural issues relating to such transactions.  Our service includes deal structuring and due diligence, post transaction services and restructuring services.



We act, on a national and international level, on behalf of real estate companies, institutional public funds or related parties and real estate investment funds requiring a tailor-made and complete legal support. We provide services to the Real Estate sector from the preliminary phase to each negotiation procedure, for example, by preparing all basic contracts required to upholding the interests of our clients in civil, criminal, administrative or ADR proceedings. We carry out the activity of legal due diligence in order to provide a targeted service that can bring to light, as far as possible, the right bal ance between opportunity and criticality in the commercial transaction.


Our investment advice and wealth planning solutions are tailored to our clients’ needs, and it is our aim to find the most appropriate solution to each client’s objectives.
Our approach is based on the following three steps:

1) Financial assessment and client needs
2) Investments analysis and wealth planning
3) Support to implement the solution
1) financial assessment is the first step to having a clear and detailed picture of the client’s wealth concerning investments, real estate, insurance, and expenses. Identifying clients’ needs, objectives and risk profile  is key to analyzing on-going wealth management and to defining appropriate wealth planning

2) Qualitative and quantitative analysis of investments, real estate, insurance, and expenses allows to identify  the overall asset allocation and highlight correlation of all the components and their costs. Wealth planning solutions are based on:

– verifying correspondence of actual investments with risk profiles and client needs

– achieving the client’s objectives

– optimizing/reducing costs and fees

3) Support the client in choosing wealth management solutions and in investing in high quality investment products by scouting appropriate intermediaries and/or re-negotiating conditions and costs applied by the client’s banks and insurance brokers.



Our team is able to advise clients both in the pre-litigation and litigation stages and represents them at all levels of enquiries.  Our litigators can provide representation throughout the judicial process, both before national courts as well as the European court systems.


We deal with legal aspects concerning the typical and atypical circumstances and conditions of contract law on both a national and international level  taking into consideration that companies are regularly faced with choosing governing law for cross-border construction contracts due to the increasing globalization of business.


We provide legal assistance both in the risk assessment stage, aimed at analyzing and possibly revising the internal control system and related protocols (i.e., company procedures, proxies, corporate governance, powers and responsibilities), and in the subsequent stage of drafting and approving the documents relating to the Model, including the related Summary, the Code of Ethics and the Disciplinary System.

We assist Clients in the implementation of the Model, providing our support as to the Information and Training activities relating to the Model.

With reference to the Information, we support Clients in creating a specific section within the company website and intranet devoted to the Model, in which all the documents connected with the Model (e.g. Ethic Code, Disciplinary System, relevant Procedures etc.) are published.

We train the company personnel both online and in class with the participation of one of our expert as teacher. In both cases we provide training materials and test questionnaires in Italian or English for non-Italian personnel.

We support the company Supervisory Body (the so-called ‘Organismo di Vigilanza’ or ‘OdV’) appointed pursuant to the Decree 231, in order to assure the effective and efficient performance of the tasks assigned to it by the Model. In this regard, we assist the OdV in drafting the Monitoring Plan and the Communication and Training Plan, in performing its audit activities, in evaluating the reports received and in drafting the minutes of its meetings.

Our experience on corporate compliance matters also includes representation of Clients in proceedings before the Italian criminal courts for the administrative liability of legal entities pursuant to Decree 231.

Family law

We tailor the approach based on the needs of the client. Every family law case is different, so it’s our job to listen to the needs of each client and help them navigate through what can be a very difficult time in their life.

Our clients are constantly amazed at the amount of money in dispute in their divorce. Complex property division can be a big part of that cost. Even clients who live modestly may divide a high net worth  when they take into consideration the value of homes, retirement accounts and closely held businesses. This is all included in complex property division. Dottori Commercialisti and Attorneys of OAdvisory work closely with experts in real estate, business valuation and appraisal to determine what property is worth and to secure the division. We assist in entering into agreements in order to reduce the ordinary timing of the disputes and maintaining the dignity of the parties.


Our Business Tax practice is structured to meet the needs of our clients and provide them with tailored solutions.  The team offers tax consultancy services from ongoing general advice and assistance to advice on company reorganization, restructuring and acquisitions.



The team assists our multinational clients across the whole range of tax and social security issues that impact on both employers and their employees.    Our services include: Welfare plans and Stock  plans structuring an implementation, tax and social security consulting, global equity consulting, immigration solutions, expatriates administration and consulting, labor law consulting and payroll services.

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